Emcare assists small, medium and large corporate companies identify potential Fire, Theft, Health & Safety exposures that could lead to damage or injury.

  • Assistance and guidance for compliance with all applicable SHE legislation
  • Conducting Fire & premises risk assessments
  • Conducting Health & Safety risk assessments
  • Conducting Environmental Aspect & Impact Assessments
  • SHE system development and implementation
  • SHE safety and emergency signage surveys
  • Development of SHE targets and objectives
  • Gap assessments on SHE systems and processes
  • Due diligence audits and assessments
  • Asbestos and occupational hygiene surveys
  • Guidance and assistance with implementing Responsible Care Management Principles
  • Behaviour-based safety solutions
  • Creation of OHF File
  • Creation of procedures, MSDS’s, specification sheets, records, work instructions, safe operating procedures and training material.
Emcare - OHS Consulting Services | OHS file
OHS Consulting Services - OHS file

The purpose of completing a risk identification exercise is to identify, discuss and document the risks facing the institution. Management almost always knows the risks that the institution are exposed to, but they do not always formally record such risks. This necessitated the development of risk identification guidelines to ensure that institutions manage risk effectively and efficiently. The objective of risk identification is to generate a comprehensive list of risks based on those events and circumstances that might enhance, prevent, degrade or delay the achievement of the objectives. This list of risks is then used to guide the analysis, evaluation, treatment and monitoring of key risks. Comprehensive identification and recording is critical because a risk that is not identified at this stage may be excluded from further analysis. The process should include all risks, whether or not they are under the control of the Institution. Relevant risk management/health & safety documentations should be available.


Our OHS Practitioner has 18 years in Fire & Emergency Services experience, and 9 Years experience in Insurance Risk Surveying.

We offer both ad-hoc and fixed term service level agreements.

Quotations and prices are dependent upon the scope, duration and unique SHE requirements of the client.
If you would like us to contact you, please email info@emcare.org with the following introductory information:

  • Location of the Risk
  • How many sites
  • Type of Occupancy
  • General Needs

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